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Feb. 27th, 2009

i'm still the best stepmania themer ever

yes it's true

i'm the NAKET Coder and I am the best stepmania themer ever

Nov. 11th, 2007

Playing Catch-up

  • NAKET Coder Revolution: BHL has been updated for use with the latest SMCVS.

  • NAKET Coder EVOLUTION, aka e-series evolve, is currently in production. It will be released in 2008.

That's about it, really.

Jul. 30th, 2007

state of the NAKET

I figure it's time to update the "who's NAKET Coder?" list.

  • Char
    the original suspect.

  • sherl0k
    likes fucking with people.

  • xybur
    told sherl0k who in turn, told me.

  • FLAESHAL/flesy
    said so on Bemanistyle once.

  • Renard
    NSR Renard: I am the naket coder
    NSR Renard: dude I swear I am

  • k//eternal
    clearly not the NAKET Coder but jokingly said he was once. That DOES get you put on this list, by the way.

  • dan Katze 88
    die Katze 88: My turn to be the Naket Coder
    die Katze 88: sherl0k just pronouced it:
    die Katze 88: <sherl0k> i think it's dan's turn to be naket coder
    <sherl0k> it's been a while for him

  • Phosphorus's Mom

The one on the SMTheming Wiki will be updated to reflect this.

Jul. 24th, 2007

and this is where it begins.

May. 19th, 2007

new logo soon, ncr:bhl update

new NAKET Coder logo coming soon. It won't be used on NCR:BHL though.

speaking of BHL, here's the status report:
* based on some recent CVS commits, Anonymous Zig has been reworking most of his Lua BGAnims.
* Eval and Credits need to be started.
* The OffCommands for the SelectStyle elements were finally fixed, they just need to change.
* In a best case scenario, NCR:BHL will be released within 48 hours of the next StepMania CVS release.

May. 10th, 2007

naket coder revolution vs. naket coder revolution: bleeding heart liberal edition


comparison shots. go.

May. 7th, 2007

NCR BHL Update 2

May 6th seemed promising based on what was done:

* ScreenStage is now done, using the scrollers from the Intro. I think there needs to be something done when a player selects a course, but Anonymous Zig tells me that's easy.
* The addition to ScreenTitleMenu mentioned was made.
* Shared Background now has a tiling, scrolling graphic (different from the one in NCR:XBLE [3.9]). This completes it so far.
* ScreenSelectStyle [now using ScreenSelectMaster] is fully functional, even dimming options when the other side joins in. AZ told me that he just recently (an hour ago) figured this out and said "thanks be to MESSAGEMAN." I assume someone will put up the info on the SMTheming Wiki for everyone to use.
* ScreenGameplay is like ScreenSelectMusic now, basically done.

* ScreenEval
* SelectDifficulty
* ScreenSelectCourse [making sure everything works right]
* finish Intro
* ScreenLogo
* ScreenWarning
* Credits
* mess with the Options

and I think we have ourselves a release. This week may not prove to be fruitful, however. AZ told me he has a lot of projects to catch up on for college. Once he's out, I'm sure the theme will be complete in a matter of weeks.

May. 5th, 2007

NCR:BLH progress report

Oh MAN Anonymous Zig works fast. Within an hour or two, he has converted the NCR SelectMusic from 3.9 to 4.0, and it almost works perfectly on 16:10 aspect ratio as well.

I originally was going to say "fuck widescreen," but if it works out this well, I might as well add it. Pictures soon, like tomorrow.

Also, here's what the game plan is.

[Attract Loop]

  • ScreenCompany is already done.

  • ScreenIntro is being redone. AZ is redoing the scrollers with some nice ass sine effects. Such is the power of SM4, I guess.

  • ScreenLogo needs to be done as well. I imagine it won't be that hard.

  • The warning screens (ScreenFartMachine, ScreenKTERN) will be consolidated into a non-Arimasen, non-Delita warning page.

[Non-Gameplay Loop]

  • ScreenTitleMenu, as you can see on SMUG, is working quite nicely. AZ wants to add a lua function that'll let him easily update the version number, so I'm gonna let him do that.

  • ScreenOptions has the graphics in, but the options could use some editing.

  • ScreenNCRCredits needs to be made again, and the problem with that is that scrollers are really fucking weird in SM4 according to AZ.

[Gameplay Loop]
  • ScreenCaution is done. Some fades were added on the top and bottom.

  • ScreenSelectStyle and ScreenSelectDifficulty will be completely rewritten using ScreenSelectMaster, which is easier to use in 4.0 than it is in 3.9, according to Synikal.

  • as mentioned above, ScreenSelectMusic is basically done.

  • ScreenStage needs to be done, which won't be much of a problem.

  • ScreenGameplay needs to be done as well.

  • ScreenEval is the other thing that needs to be done, and will be redesigned for NCR:BHL.

  • </ul>

    This just gives you an idea of what lies ahead.

    May. 4th, 2007

    NAKET Coder Revolution: Bleeding Heart Liberal

    If you haven't kept up with the posts on the StepMania Underground, then you might not know that NAKET Coder Revolution is being ported to StepMania 4 as "NAKET Coder Revolution: Bleeding Heart Liberal."

    I guess now you know that. Go visit the SMUG for pictures.

    Apr. 21st, 2007

    A short commentary.

    "The state of the theming community"? More like "I won't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys'R'Us kid".

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